Raise Panda Fee and Panda Salary for Going Abroad for Exchange in Cooperation Research

 The cost to raise a giant panda bear, panda salary for going abroad for cooperation research.

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Abroad Pandas Salary

From 1994, Pandas sent abroad for exchange in cooperative research, as its back, the foreign side must pay fee to China for environment preservation, so we say that pandas go abroad to work in scientific researching for income or salary. Usually one pairs pandas earn one million USD.

To the end of 2005, there are 14 pandas working abroad, total salary is 6.15 million USD. In 2004, each panda earns 3.6 million RMB (similar as 0.45 million USD) . And if pandas give new cub, then earns one more for the newborn's share!

And the lowest salary for the abroad pandas are the Chuangchuang and Linghui which live in Thailand, their salary is 0.27 million USD.

All the earns will be used in preservation of pandas' habitat and its construction, as well as wild scientific research, promotion in preservation educations.

Cost to Raise Panda

In China, usually one panda one year cost 6000-10000USD for basic cost: meals and airconditioning, basic medicine.
But in other country usually cost 120000-150000USD for basic cost. (USD/RMB rate at 8.4, 2003)

The staff cost extra, the panda house and enclosure cost extra.

In 2003, Austria spent 0.5 million USD to build up panda house with 1000 square meters : Researching room, Watching house, Sleeping room etc.

San Diego Zoo spent 5 million USD for panda house; Washington spent 4 million USD for panda house, Atilanta spent 7 million USD for panda house.

And also, no natural bamboos in some country or region, the fresh must be transported from other country or region: Genmany pandas eating fresh bamboos from France by airplane; Hongkong pandas bamboo from Shenzhen. 


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