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What is the captive pandas reproduction problem?
Low reproductive rate, poor capability of natural mating (low in heat), difficult to raise cub.
Special the captive pandas with low percentage in reproductive capacity.

Does captive pandas born twins more than the wild?
In general, the captive pandas give twins at rate of 50% and more. Usually, scientists will take 2 panda's semen (fresh and freeze) for AI after panda pairs finished their natural mating.

Where is the largest semen bank and the cell bank ? And Genetics Bank?
The largest pandas semen bank, and the only one cell bank in the world, as well as the only one Genetics bank in the world: locates Chengdu Panda Base. Another bigger semen bank in Wolong.

What is the panda's delivery signs ?
Water playing, vulvae licking, vulvae swelling dilation and secretion, Underlay worry, breast licking, nest building etc.

Where is the researching center for pandas ?
Sichuan Wolong Center and Sichuan Chengdu Base in China.

Any dystocia?
As to wild pandas, no any information on it; but for captive pandas, there almost no dystocia, the only one happened on 23Aug in 2004 in Chengdu Panda Base for the panda "Er Yato".

When is the 1st panda through Artificial Insemination (AI)?
08Sep 1978 in Beijing Zoo, newborn "Yuanjing" weighs 125g.

Artificial Insemination (AI) and natural mating.
For the captured pandas, with its low active, more lazy, low body energy, lack sexual desire, so it is big problem for them to natural mate and then produce new generation. For captive pandas, only 10% of them are capable of natural mating. Only 30% of female pandas thus become pregnant and give birth.
To increase the population, scientists to do Artificial Insemination with the fresh and freeze semen after their natural mating, to keep them in pregnancy. 

What is the love training for the captive pandas? And the Sex Education?
To keep the captured pandas with good body, special with strong energy leg so that they can easy natural mating for pregnancy, the Wolong Panda Keepers and scientist take "Love Training" for them, train them exercise body, walk more, run more, climb more, etc.
Also, if in the mating season, the keepers will take male and female pandas to the front of a television to watch an undated photo for sexual education.

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