Panda Research Report on Panda Protection Project for School Student Questions and Information

 School Student FAQ questions, school report on panda protection project research to save ginat pandas, to protect giant panda from extinction.. College project report on conservation wild life, to reserve endangered species.
Panda questions for college school student to study research report on endangered panda saving from extinction.
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Panda questions for college school student to study research report on endangered panda saving from extinction.

How big are pandas when they are born?
In general, body 15-17cm in length and 4.5-5.2cm for the tail, body weight 36-296g, weighing to 1/933 of mother. Closed eyes, with pink body, can't stand on foot. looks like a naked rat.
3 months about 5-6.5km, 6 months about 12.35km,

How many pounds of bamboo do they eat one day?
In spring, the main food is fresh bamboo, and the food intake during the period is the largest amounts. The giant panda eat 30-60 kilograms each day, 40 kilograms in average. And in summer, the giant panda mainly eat bamboo culm, and other old bamboo and fresh branches and leaves. The autumn is the period that the branches and leaves in lush. The staple food during this time is branches and leaves that own the most nutrition and the less coarse fiber. Therefore, the giant panda just eat 11-13 kilograms each day during this season, and the scope of activity achieves the smallest of the year, saving the active-consumed energy.

What other things do pandas eat other than bamboo. Please explain what?
Panda's diet is almost exclusively (99 percent) bamboo. But, in fact, most wild panda bears are omnivores - they will eat almost anything, including meat, fruit, seeds and insects.
And captive panda will eat cake, milk, fruit etc.

How many times can pandas give birth?
Wild panda about 6 times for one life.
But captive panda better, about 12 times for one life.

How long is the pregnancy of panda?
In general about 5 months, in the wild from 83dasy to 324 days, average 147days; and captive panda average about 160days.

Do pandas give birth to more than one cub at a time?
Wild panda give birth usually one cub at a time, very low rate for twin cubs at a time.
Captive padna give birth, the rate of twin bubs is 50%.

Are red pandas gettign extinct as well as giant pandas?
Yes, getting extinct.

How old was the oldest panda?
In the wild, the giant panda can live for more than 20 years. But under feeding for captive panda, they can live more than 30 years. There was a female panda of 37 years old in Wuhan Park, which was the oldest till now.

About how many giant pandas are in captivity right now worldwide?
More than 330 captive pandas worldwide, and 60% of the captive pandas in Wolong (Bifengxia).

How often does a pandas cage need to be cleaned out?
At least 1-3 times daily, but if new born then more than 7 times daily.

What skills do it require to take care of giant pandas?
Cleaning, feeding, hugging, watching. And the most is your heart of love.

Can the mother panda take care of two cubs at a time?
No, mother panda take care of one cub at at time only.

How long is it about until baby pandas can open their eyes and walk?
Try to open their eyes about 40days after birth, and full open eyes after 50days. Sight available about 70-90 days after  birth.
Try to wolk about 2-3 months after birth.

How long is it that new cub have tooth and voice hearing?
Start to have tooth about 3 months after birth, and all tooth will be seen after 6 months. Adult panda has 40-42 tooth.
About 75days hear voice.

What does the new born cub eat?
The new born cub only drinks motherís milk. At the first week, the mother panda does not leave the baby in any cases. The cub often screams in the motherís arms. After a week, the mother goes out to find food, and the cub stays silently in the den. After 4-7 weeks, mother panda holds the cub on the mouth (or under the arm) to shift their den.  And the next spring, the baby panda begins to walk with mother and taste the bamboo leaves.  When the baby  8-9 month, it stops to drink motherís milk and begins to learn the ability of finding foods with mother. 

When does the panda become sexual mature?
Wild female panda is in heat at its 6.5 years old, and then becomes sexual mature at 7.5 years old and capable of being impregnated. The wild male panda is in heat at its 7.5 years old.
The captive panda (artificial feeding panda) is 2-3 years earlier than wild panda.
And the male panda is 1 year earlier than the female.

How much time does the panda last the climax of estrus?
The pandaís rut usually last 12-25 days, but the climax of estrus is just only 2-5 days per year, and 3 days is on average. And the mating continues only seconds to 1or 2 hours

What is the minimum age and maximum of the female panda participate in breeding, or give birth?
The minimum age of the female panda to do breeding is 4 years old.
The maximum age of the female panda to give birth is 20.

Can the cloning technique rescue the population of the wild panda?
The root of protecting rare endangered wildlife is to protect their population and habitats. The cloning technique cannot assure the genetic diversities, and so it cannot assure the survival of the wild population. Protecting the habitat remains the most effective, direct and rewarding method.

Does the panda attack people?
The panda is very timid. As it confronts people, it will run away as soon. But during the artificial feeding, the panda sometimes hurt people.

Panda preference and climb swim abaility?
Panda prefer to cold, but not prefer to hot.
Can climb the tree.
Can swim.

Were the babies born with the help of after artificial reproductive techniques?

Do the Pandas live in a group or on their own?
Live alone.

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