China Panda Migration Transfer Move from Wolong and Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster in Nature Preserve

 China Panda Migration Transfer Move from Wolong and Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster in Nature Preserve

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Wolong Panda Migration to Bifengxia After Earth Quake
Wolong pandas migrated, be moved, be sent to Bifengxia Base, 6 pandas on 23May, 13 pandas on 18June 2008, and some will be sent to Chengdu Panda Base. And in the future, more pandas will be transfered to Bifengxia Panda Base.
Bifengxia now with 20 panda Enclosures, and will build 20 panda enclosures for more pandas coming, then total about 40 panda enclosures. And 17 temporarliy panda enclosure has been constructed.
Till today (19June) only 35 captive pandas kept in Wolong. Pandas' facilities in Wolong Heitaoping area (destroyed much by Wenchuan earthquak disater) will be Rebuilt in Genda township (estimated in Huangcaoping area) during June 2008 and May 2010, that is, Huangcaoping will be instead of Heitaoping, but the same in Wolong, and more closer to Chengdu.
Then  almost all Wolong pandas and Wolong work staff will migrated to Bifengxia for training and working. And Bifengxia now accommodate about 41 pandas, and in the future will be 90 captive pandas.
Almost all captive panda Enclosures has been destroyed in Wolong, and 6 captive pandas ever escaped from the Enclosure, 4 of them re-captured(3 captured before 14May, one captured on 26May), one (Maomao) of them died in the Enclosure, two of them injured.
About 8 Olympic Pandas has been to Beijing on 24May by plane from Wolong, and now you can watch these Olympic Pandas in Panda house in Beijing Zoo.
And around 25June 2008 another 3 captive pandas will be transfered to Yunnan Wildlife Park for medical treatment and recovering from 25June 2008 to 24June 2010. The 3 pandas are: Sijia, born 12Aug 2006; Meixi, born 10Aug 2006; Yuyu, born 11Sep 2006.
Most of pandas will migrate to Bifengxia, but 19 of them will be sent to Chengdu Panda Base, Fuzhou Panda Research Center, Panyu Wildlife Park, Yunnan Wildlife Park for about 3 years.
And newborn in 2007, 6 baby pandas will kept in another saft area in Wolong.

China Wenchuan Earthquake
May 2008, e and Wolong Panda.
Wenchuan Earthquake (8.0 Magnitude Earthquak) took place at 14:28, 12May 2008, in Wenchuan and Yinxiu, Beichuan, Mianzhu, Pengzhou, Dujiangyan area, Sichuan Provinc, P.R.China. Affected area covers Sichuan, Chongqing, Gansu, Shanxi, Hubei, Yunnan etc. Almost all western area roads in Sichuan were blocked.
Till 12:00 of 07July, the death toll from the devastating earthquake more than 69,196, injured people more than 374,176, and more than 18,379 people were missing. more than 46,160,865 people were affected by the quake, of whom15,147,400 people were relocated. The aftershocks have not break till now, lasts more than one month, total more than 16,200 aftershocks took in China quake zone.

Wild Pandas Nature Reserves and Earthquake Affects
About the wild panda, almost about 1590 wild pandas in China, and no dead body reported in one month after earthquake took place.
This earthquake affected panda nature reserves: total about 19 panda nature reserves were much destroyed. Pandas' enclosure (panda house) + wildlife house were destroyed about 38000 square meters, forests destroyed 328,667 hectares, Sichuan forests covering rate adjusted down by 0.5%, and disatered area by 1.87%. Panda habitat destroyed 120,000 hectares. And it needs about 20-30 years for the nature reserve (forests and plants) to be recovered to the same level before earthquake took.
In coming years' winters, the wild panda's food maybe shortened due to earthquake affects.

Bifengxia and Panda Volunteer Trip
Bifengxia, about 150KM from Chengdu, drive about 2.5-3.0 hours from Chengdu, Bifengxia Panda Base just in Bifengxia Mountain Park.

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