Chengdu Tazishan Tazi Shan Park and Jiutian Tower Pagoda in Kung Fu Panda 2

Chengdu Tazishan Park and Jiutian Tower, to visit the home town of Kung Fu Panda 2 Po Chengdu.
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Taizishan Park (Tower Park), Named after the pagoda (jiu tian tower), opened to the public in 1985, covering and area of 160 hectares. You can have picnic in picnic area, a fishing wharf and a lake, stone animal sculptures, short wall, children entertainment garden, and Jiutian tower.
And during Chinese New Year, the park hosts a variety of celebrations including the traditional Lantern Festival, and a exhibitions of local painting. A total of 70 lantern sets, 2000 artificial lamps and red lanterns are hanging in Tazishan Park with tens of thousands of colored lanterns alongside the gallery bridges and lakes of Tazishan Park.

Jiutian tower ( nine day pagoda), a 13-stroy tower, height at 70 meters, built in 1995, and finished construction and opened to the public in 1998. With the shape similar as both tower (pagoda) and building, and it looks that the top is bigger then the bottom.

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