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Sichuan Cuisine Sichuan Food in Chengdu
Of the four major schools of China's culinary art, Sichuan cuisine is perhaps the most popular, originated in Sichuan, with an international reputation for its spicy, flavorful, hot, sweet, sour, salty,  tongue-numbing. Sichuan cuisine is well known for cooking fish. As a unique style of food, Sichuan cuisine was already famous more than 800 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty. Sichuan food is famous for its many flavors, and almost every dish has its own unique taste. This is because many flavorings and seasonings are produced in Sichuan Province.
The basic condiments materials of Sichuan Food are: soy sauce from Zhongba, cooking vinegar from baoning, special vinegar from Sanhui, fermented soy beans from Tongchuan, hot pickled mustard tubers from Fuling, chili sauce from Chongqing, thick, broad – bean sauce from Pixian, and well salt from Zigong, Sichuan pepper (Huajiao in Chinese, different from Hot Pepper) from Hanyuan and Maoxian, Pickles from Xinfan (Sichuan pickles have an appealing smell, and are crisp, tender, salty, sour, hot, and sweet).
Sichuan has high humidity and many rainy or overcast days. Hot pepper helps reduce internal dampness, so it was used frequently in dishes, and hot dishes became the norm in Sichuan cuisine. Hot pepper, an important flavoring in Sichuan cuisine, was introduced into China only 200 to 300 years ago.
Sichuan cuisine tends to use quick – frying, quick stir – frying, dry – braising, and dry – stewing. In quick – frying and quick stir – frying, the food is fried over a hot fire and stirred quickly without using another pan.
Sichuan dishes consist of Chengdu, Chongqing and vegetarian dishes. Masterly used cooking techniques are sauteing, stir-frying without stewing, dry-braising, Pao (soaking in water) and Hui (frying then braising with corn flour sauce).
The traditional typical dishes are:  twice cooked pork, spicy diced chicken with peanuts, dry-fried shark fin, fish-flavored pork shred, Pockmarked Woman's bean curd (or Mapo Doufu in Chinese), "tea smoked duck". As well as velvet shark’s fin, braised bear’s paw, sea cucumber with pungent flavor, minced chicken with hollyhock, boiled pork with mashed garlic, dry – fried carp, and boiled Chinese cabbage etc.
Sichuan cuisine also has many delicious snacks and desserts, such as Bangbang chicken, chicken with sesame paste, lantern shadow beef, husband and wife’s pork lung slices, steamed beef, noodles with chili sauce, and rice dumplings stuffed with sesame paste etc.
Chengdu cuisine has three categories, Sichuan Cuisine, Hotpot, and Snack

The major resturants in Chengdu are:
Longchaoshao, Baguobuyi, Sizilou, Hongxing, Yinxing, Shuxiangyuan, Mapotofu, Jiang Paigu, Zhangkaoya, etc.

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