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Chengdu People's park to learn about local style life and folklore, elders generation choirs dancing, marriage matchmaking, taichi practise, tea house, ear cleaning scraping in a bamboo chair.
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In China,  parks play an important role in society, special for local folks. People go to the parks to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
In Chengdu, Peoples Park (Renmin Park) is an ideal place to learn about local styl life and folklore. There are weekend croweded, tea house, boat riding, folk orchestra concert, marriage matchmaking posters, elders dancing and taichi (Taiji) practice, writing chinese charcters with water (water calligraphy), ear cleaning etc.

There about 5 - 8 choirs of older generation, although they are not formal choir, almost every day gather in the People's park for choir singing, they singing some old songs, revolutionary songs with red flags, and their own Band accompaniment. As well as Percussion Performance. 
And elders dancing troups dance everywhere in Chengdu downtown street and green plant corner / garden, especially in the People's Park.
Some singer and dancers dressed in costumes lead the way as older men and women follow along at the sidelines, with their moving foot to have serenity in their face filled with pure happiness.
The group leisurely resting as amateur musicians strummed tunes on the Chinese violin, banjo and percussion sticks, keeping to a vocalist's impromptu melody. Shrill tones gliding up and down, pacing between rapid and leisurely tempos, all created a fun, folksy atmosphere.

At the weekend, the crowds tend to stick together in a few parts of the park, parents and their children for painting and palying, joggers and tai qi enthusiasts, Chinese chess (Majhong) gamers, tea drinking for relaxing body, candy and souvenir booth for children, bonsai plants for art photography, koi feeding for children, gossiping with neighbors or just snoozing, water calligraphy performance on the ground.

At the marriage matchmaking corner in Chengdu People's park, lots of older people with signs poster paper advertising their children or grandchildren for marriage matchmaking. There are  hundreds of posters promoting potential wives and husbands. Also some match maker also do matchmaking business there, lots of booklets with girls and boys photo and basic background information and description.

Ear cleaning Ear scraping and ear cleaner in People's Park. In Chengdu, every street-sides and garden and park, you can see many ear cleaner do ear cleaning works. The ancient practice of ear cleaning is alive and well in Chengdu. People's park is also the perfect place to get your ears cleaned while sipping tea in a bamboo chair.
The cleaner in lab coats with headlamps standing there, with a handful of metal tweezers and tongs and feathered sticks and cottons,  little knives, copper spikes and tiny scoops, and a few delicate goose feather brushes. Put many tiny metal instruments into people's ears, to sit you down and scrape out your ear wax. While ear cleaning,  the customer lying back in a creaking bamboo chair, with a serene, even blissful, expression on customer's face.
 If you like it, then ear cleaning is just like a massage for the ears. So after the ear cleaning everyone could hear better.
A foreigner stated "The actual ear cleaning was much less traumatic than I feared. It was about 15 minutes of slight tickling and a little vibrating. A chunk of ear wax was ceremoniously placed on my hand. The whole process was less hassle than a manicure"

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