Hometown of Kung Fu Panda Po in Kung Fu Panda 2 With Chengdu Origins Material Source Inspiration

Prototype of pand the Po (childhood) is a panda cub named Apo or Abo (A Bao in Chinese) born in 2008 in Chengdu Panda Base. Panda the Po  is the protagonist in 2008 Kung Fu Panda, and in Kung Fu Panda 2 too. Kung Fu Panda 2 with lots of Chengdu materials, local elements, origins source and places of significance, the Wide and Narrow Lanes (Kuan and Zai), Jinli old street, Qingyang Taoist Temple, hotpot (Huoguo), mapo tofu (bean curd), and Qingcheng Taoist Kung Fu.
The panda with other 5 pandas will be released to Dujiangyan Panda Wilderness Survival Training Center for training, on 11 Jan 2012, Yao Ming (born on 12 September 1980, a retired Chinese professional basketball player) will participate in the ceromony of panda releasing.
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Prototype of panda the Po (childhood) is a panda cub named Apo or Abo (A Bao in Chinese) born in 2008 in Chengdu Panda Base. Panda the Po  is the protagonist in 2008 Kung Fu Panda, and in Kung Fu Panda 2 too. Panda "Po" born at 19:51 on 26 July 2008 at Moon Delivery Room, male, was named on 21Jun 2008 by both Chengdu Panda Base and Dream Works. The panda cub original name is "Gongzi", his father is panda "Chenggong".
And on 03 Nov 2010, one panda cub was born at Zoo Atlanta USA, the mother is Panda Lunlun. Following ancient Chinese tradition, panda cubs are not named until they have been alive for 100 days. On 15 Feb 2011, this panda cub's name "Po" was announced for the first time during a ceremony at Zoo Atlanta. With the help of actor Jack Black of the film "Kung Fu Panda II," in hopes of drawing attention to plight of giant pandas, "Po" is the name of the panda in the movie and is voiced by Black.

12 May 2008, Wenchuan Earthquake took. Jeffery Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, and Angelina Jolie, the voice of a South China Tiger in the film, said at the Cannes Film Festival that they hoped to visit the hometown of the panda and do something for the children that were affected by a deadly in the region that month.
In june 2008, Kung Fu Panda movie was delayed release in Chengdu after earthquake. Its release was scheduled on June 20 2008, but was delayed.
Sep 2008, the Information Office of Chengdu invited CEO Jeffery Katzenberg of Dream Works Animation with his team crew to visit Sichuan Chengdu and Panda.
26 Sep 2008, Dream Works Animation accepted the invitation.

Oct 2008, from  20th to 22th, the executives and the creative team, total 13 members traveled to Chengdu, Mr. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Ms. Ann Daly, the CEO and the COO of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., International Publishing Director Mr. David Porter and other top management personnel, as well as the film crew for “Kung Fu Panda” and “Kung Fu Panda 2” visited the Chengdu Base of Giant Panda Research and Breeding. DreamWorks Animation and the Panda Base co-named a panda cub "Po" born on 26 July 2008 at Moon Delivery Room.
Dream Works Animation team got much scientific supports and panda materials from panda experts and scientists in Chengdu Panda Research Center during their time in Sichuan Province. This team crew learned much more about the giant panda’s living habits, food, breeding, accompanied by panda expert, they shot a few scenes of panda cubs, young, sub-adult and adult giant pandas eating and playing, as well as the scenes of a panda mother nursing her cubs.
Also visited Jingsha Archeological Museum for the ancient Sichuan culture,   where they hoped to learn more about Chengdu’s culture and gain inspiration for “Kung Fu Panda 2.”
They visited the World Cultural Heritage sites at Mt. Qingcheng, and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System to better understand the mysterious “Qingcheng Kung Fu Sect”. Mr. Katzenberg has revealed that the mystery of Po’s origin is hidden in Mt. Qingcheng. Qingcheng Mountain , is the cradle of Taoism, would be portrayed accurately in the film. In this tour, the Qingcheng Kungfu Master (Shifu, real life) Liu Suibin, the 36th generation master, performed a series of Qingcheng Kungfu.
In Chengdu, they catched  local elements and places of significance, such as ‘dandan noodles’,  local delicacies, natural scenery and places of cultural and historical interest, after visited Chengdu.
The plot of the film is sprinkled with local  folklore: the Wide and Narrow Lanes (Kuan and Zai), Jinli old street, Qingyang Taoist Temple, hotpot (Huoguo), mapo tofu etc,  as well as the western Sichuan local house surrounding bamboo, are all Chengdu cultural icons featured in the film.
After visited Chengdu, the team go to Pingyao (Qiaojia House) and Kaifeng (Shaolin Kungfu).

Oct, Mr.Jeffery Katzenberg visited Chegndu again, and on 11th Oct 2010, Chengdu Mayor Ge Honglin met Mr. Jeffrey Katzenberg and  his team for the cooperation of Kung Fu Panda 2.

April 14, 2011,  a press conference was held to promote the film Kung Fu Panda 2 in Los Angeles.  In this conference, Dream Works CEO Jeffery Katzenberg announced that the sequel to 2008's Kung Fu Panda will follow the kung fu-fighting panda, Po, to his homeland in Chengdu, Sichuan Province as he uncovers his kung fu heritage and origins in western China. The Panda Po's kungfu origins in Mt. Qingcheng mountain Daoist Kungfu.

May 26, 2011, Kungfu Panda 2 is due to be released .

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