Trip to Home Land of Kung Fu Panda 2 Visit Chengdu Kuan Lanes and Zhai Xiangzi Wide and Narrow Alley

Tour to the home town of Kung Fu Panda 2, visit Kuan Lanes and Zhai Xiangzi Wide and Narrow alley, Kuanxiangzi Zhaixiangzi, to play Mahjong, enjoy the tea house, ear cleaning.
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Kuan & Zhai Xiangzi (Lanes) Wide and Narrow alley.
Zhang Yi  built Chengdu city in 311B.C., built the walls in the high and solid land, and shaped the walls similar to a turtle, so ancient Chengdu city called "Turtle City", is the big city. And at the east of "Turtle City", 2nd building started after that, is maller than "Turtle city", called "Shaocheng" (means "Small city" or "Small Town"). During the 2000 years, Shaocheng has been through rises and falls in different dynaties.
In the reign of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, Qing government commanded a thousand or so solders to stay in Chengdu and built Man City (though Chengdu people tend to call it Shaocheng), which on the former Shaocheng. The two alleys belonged to New Shaocheng where the Qing soldiers and their families lived.

Kuan & Zhai Xiangzi (Lanes) Wide and Narrow alley located at the ancient "Shaocheng" (means "small city" in Chinese), but anyway there are three lanes such as  Kuan Lane (Wide Lane), Zhai Lane (Narrow Lane) and Jing Lane, all with historical remains where you can learn the local and real Chengdu life. Kuan Zhai Xiang Zi is a leisure and relax place for both local people and tourists to relax having leisure time in the mixed old and modern atmosphere. There are restaurants, pubs, tea houses, coffee shops and stores etc in the traditional streets and Siheyuan (courtyard houses).The main structure is made from wood and bricks. You can enjoy local activity such as Ear cleaning, play Majiang (Mahjong - the ancient Chinese game), taste tea, Sichuan dishes and snacks etc.

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