Tour to Kung Fu Panda City Chengdu to Taste Sichuan Spicy Hotpot Hot Pot in Huoguo Restaurant

Hotpot Tour to the home city Chengdu of Kung Fu Panda 2 for Sichuan cuisine, to taste Chengdu spicy hotpot hot pot in Huoguo restaurant.
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Hot Pot or Hotpot, Huoguo in Chinese, is a spicy delicacy surprise in Chengdu, originating in Chongqing, but hotpot in Chengdu  has become extremely popular and with its own style. The ingredients are a bit exotic in Chengdu hotpot, and it can be a little shocking at first. Chengdu hotpot has its own style ranging from simple spicy to moderate, three or four kinds of spices, as well as fish head hotpot, medical herbs hotpot, beer duck hotpot, boiled mutton hotpot etc,  and all are pretty spicy. In general, the hotpot also divided into "white" meat broth pot and "red" spicy oil pot, as well as both "red" and "white" in one pot but separated. The delicious broth white hot usually for those who are not a big fan of spicy foods.
The hotpot in other places without Sichuan pepper (Huajia), but the Chengdu hot pot with lots of Sichuan pepper (huajia), taste tongue-numbing.
The taste of hot pot is determined by the broth. The broth used in Chengdu hot pot is not only a permanent one. Although the main flavor is spicy, the different ingredients will make this food various.
The taste (different flavour) decided on two steps / items: one is the hot pot (red or white, primary to the hottest), another is the oil bowl adjusted by yourself. 
Once you plan to have the Huoguo hotpot, then please tell the staff to dish a primary spicy, and little even without huajia, as well as with both "Red" oil and "White" broth pot.
Your hot filled with either "Red" oil or "White" broth even both on the table, and surrounded by plates of raw meats and vegetables, as well as flavouring seasoning. Put the small and thin sliced meat and vegetables into the boiled hot for heating with chopsticks, moving your heating food in pot, so that make it evenly heated in the hot pot.  Then take the boiled food ready for eating, before taste it, put it in your oil bowl. Also a own oil bowl for you with plant oil to make your food heat down to fit your mouth, as well as change seasoning taste again in your own oil bowl.
Hotpot is very popular in Chengdu and many restaurants and stalls here will serve hotpot to visitors from all over the world. The major hot pot restaurants are:
Huangcheng Laoma
Tan Fish Head
Chuan Jiang HaoZi  

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