Information for Hiking & Trekking Tour to Trace Wild Pandas and Wildlife Photography Wuyipeng

Wuyi shed wildlife photography trip to track wild panda, photograph wild panda bears in Wuyipeng, Wolong area.

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Below is information for tracking wild panda, wildlife photography trip to photo wild animals, just as Wuyipeng for example.

1, Wuyipeng 2520M; About 2-3hours hikking from the road to Wuyipeng; Good body condition is necessary, and the trekking just Middle one if from the road to Wuyipeng, but difficult, very hard to other point from Wuyipeng to watch wild pandas; Yes with experienced guide service; if people under 5 pax, ready-food arranged if trekking shorter time, but if longer such as 3days  then we will arrange fresh cook with group (local style).

2 The Humid about 60-80%, and 70-90% in summer.
3, Tipping. To guide, 50Euros/day if trekking, 10-20Euros/day if non-trekking; 10 euros/day to local assistant if trekking; 10-20 Euros/day to driver.
4,  If necessary, then we can arrange it for vegetarian. But only one or two persons need, then we can just arrange it the same without any meats.
5, About the camera fees if trekking in the wild, then cost 100 500 Euros, not fixed, depends on the size, lens and specific of the camera for the cost.
6, Most trekking tour in the wild to trace pandas, need the permit.
7, The better time to watch wild pandas: from March to Sep. March and April is their main mating season; and May, June is their pregnant season; Jul and Sep is their newborn to world.
8, To spread their "heat" signs, the pandas acts more on the ridge of mountain or hill. Acts at shady slope in Aug, Sep due to high temperature; and sunny slope in March and Dec.
9, Some hungered pandas usually go down to low altitude for food in winter, some time enter the local house and farmland for food. But anyway even in Aug and Sep the lazy panda entered the local house for meats in Fengtongzhai area.

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