Panda Photography Trip to Photo Close-up Video Camera Wildlife Captive Panda in Wolong

Captive panda photography trip to close up photo video panda bears, panda cubs in panda house, panda kindergartan, panda enclosure, raising house

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Following for professional photographer, do it for TV Movie etc, Video, cameraman to photograph, camera, film, cinematograph captured panda inner enclosure. Panda photography tour, close up panda, close-up panda. If for the wild panda in reserve in the wild mountain, then please view our webpages of trace & trek tour, also mail us your requests, to be sure you have long time to take chance from God to shoot it successfully.

Cost for Profossional Photography Trip to Photo Panda Bear   Panda Cam!

Panda age Where to photograph Time to shoot

Cost (Euros, per person per time)

1-3persons 4-6persons 7persons & over
1.5years old & above Inner Panda house 30 800 650 500
Inner Enclosure (out of panda house) 30 1000 850 600
8month-17months Inner Kindergarten 20 1500 1200 1000
3-7months Inner Breeding house or in centain place 10 2000    
Mother + cub(cub 8-17 months) Inner Panda house 30 2200    
Inner Enclosure 30 2800    
Mother+2 cubs (8-17 months) Inner Panda house 30 3600    
Inner Enclosure 30 4500    

All above for reference only to photograph in Wolong Reserve, Chengdu Panda  Base, Fengtongzhai Reserve.

If tourist only, then no necessary to pay so much to take picture or camera panda, usually free of charge to picture it or camera it. But if you want to take picture with panda in your arm or private picture, then better take our program DP-B from 1000 CNY extra if do it as a tourist donation. Even take DP-028 cost extra about 1500CNY.
And in general, it is okey for professional photographer to shoot just outside of panda enclosure or outside of panda kindergarten, free of charge.
If you, as professional photographer, you can take close-up pictures entering panda house, panda enclosure, panda kindergaten. If so as stated as above.

All above for your reference only, and ubject to our confirmation.

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