Volunteer FAQ Questions and Information for Panda Tourists to Take Voluntary Work Panda Tours

Panda volunteer tourist FAQ questions and information for panda fans to take panda voluntary work tour

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Where can I take voluntary (internship) work for giant panda bears?
In general, we arrange voluntary work in Wolong (Bifengxia), Chengdu Panda Center, Fuzhou Panda World.
All just listed in our webpage Panda Volunteering Trip. and Internship work.

What is the favour if do volunteer work in Wolong National Natural Reserve?
In general, if working in the Panda Research Center or Bifengxia Panda Base, then you can have more time to view the giant panda bear activity such as: mother play with baby panda bear, panda cub sukling, holding for play, panda sleeping in tree, hanging up in the tree, struggle each other, climbing up, eating, napping etc..

What kind of volunteering work to do?
In general, we can arrange all professional fields in pandas for you, as well as tourist voluntary work. In the wild to investigation the pandas population and the habitat of pandas, the wild food conditions as an ranger; in the laboratory assisting  keepers in  activity records, behavior research, house cleaning, feeding, bamboo food procedure, weight the body, nursing and management etc. 
As for tourists, usually do some cleaning, feeding, body measure, records works etc.

How to make Volunteering tour reservation? How do I take this program programme or project.

Take giant panda bear volunteer program programme and book this panda voluntary project, do panda tour reservation step by setp as below:
1, You'd better e-mail us your information (marked in your passport: full Name, Sex, Birth of Date, Nationality/citizenship, Passport number with it's copy; Introduction about yourself on this project, accurate date to arrival and duration days, members in your party, Certificate of your Body Health etc), estimated flight of arrival and departure, so that we can apply the permit for you;  2, once the tour and flight available, then we will inform you of arrangement, and also inform you to bank wire full payment to the account of our corp..(account be e-mailed to you in our e-mail sooner);  3, after  your payment has reached into our account fully, we will make re-confirmation to you on this reservation, and e-mail you some details about your tour. 4, As to the Healthy Body Certificate, any form from your doctor, it certify that you have not any history of infectious disease, and certify your body healthy now, the aim is to keep pandas away from any virus away. So after your body examination, you'd better keep your body healthy, as healthy as your volunteering. 5, Your work will be assigned by local reserve per your experience, length and education, usually do something as cleaning, body measurement, feeding, recording, interpretor or translator etc. 6, We keep the right to postpone your time to volunteer if some important project to be done in Reserve or too busy to arrange your volunteering.
And there are assistants to direct you while you do voluntary work in Reserve, so please bring some gifts to these assistants.
Also please keep the Certificate of your Body Health to Reserve. 

Any language problem?
If in laboratory or researching house, as well as tourist volunteering work under the guidance and direction of local feeder or keeper, usually no problem, it is not necessary that you must speak Chinese; but if in the wild, then we must arrange English speaking guide or students for your exchange.
In general there is panda voluntary work assistant will help you in exchangement if necessary.

Can children join?
Yes, any child can do volunteering work, but better with adults if under 12years old. And the cost is the same as adult for children .

How about meals?
If in local reserve staff restaurant, then cost about 3-10USD/day; if in local hotel, then cost about 8-40USD/day; if in the wild, then cost about 10-20USD/day. Local Chinese style food. And we will arrange cost you 3-5USD per set-meal in the local hostel.

How about the accommodation?
If not marked in tour itinerary, then usually as: tents or local peasants house arranged if in the wild; local reserve house arranged if your request; in general we will arrange the best accommodation if available.
Usually in Panda Inn hotel two stars, very simple, but new decorated in 2007; if need four stars hotel as Wolong in Wolong Town, 7 km from the volunteering site--Panda Garden or Panda Center, daily cost extra 10Euros for transfer (2 single way daily).
And you do volunteering in the Panda Garden, which about 50 meters away from the Panda Inn hotel; and about 7KM to Wolong Town..
And in Bifengxia: if hostel then door to door (or 5 mintues) between Panda Base and hostel; about 5 KM by park bus if in 3* Bifengxia Grand hotel; about 30KM (single way) by private car transfers daily if in 4* (the best in Ya'an area) Hongzhu hotel, if so cost extra 20USD extra daily by local privte car.

Can we do voluntary panda tour longer or shorter?
Yes. We can adjust it to meet your needs. All tours are tailored or customized trip arrangement for you.

Healthy Body Certificate?
Issued by your doctor with his or her signature in official paper.

Can I hold or take panda in lap for photo or picture?
Yes, you can. Please view Donation-picture project and panda interact programmes.

What is the voluntary cloth (lab coat) rental?
Extra cost 150CNY/p.p for short term, and 300CNY/p.p. for long term (5 days and more) for cloth rental, labrotary cloth.
Payment in cash by yourself while registration in Panda Base (Panda Research Center)

Can I get a voluntary certificate?
Yes, it is included in our quotation.

What is the Office Time for voluntary work?
01May-30Sep: 08:00-11:00, 14:00-17:30
01Oct-30Apr(2nd year): 08:30-11:30, 13:30-17:00
Above is for Wolong.

If in Chengdu panda center, then 08:15-11:30, 13:30-15:30 in the afternoon.

What is the volunteering Time?
Working hours for volunteer depend on yourself.

How about illness?
You can visit the pandas and hiking if you can stand while you are in illness; but you can't touch pandas, and you can't do volunteering if in illness.

Tour arranged as private tour or group tour?
In general, all panda tours arranged as private tour.
Private tour, it marked in quotation with "private tour" or "transportation and transfer by private car, private English speaking guide service".Or it will be group tour.

Can I interact or pet pandas?
Yes, just take our volunteering panda tour, and ask our experienced guide to arrange it, but cost extra, please view Donation-Picture project.

How about the Visa to China?
Visa arranged by yourself, in general it is very easy to apply the visa. If necessary, we can do a invitation letter for you, but before invitation letter to you,  we must make out the schedule and cost, as well as deposit made to us. Anyway we can't guarantee it!
Please view Chinese Tourist Invitation Letter.

How about the International air tickets?
 In our quotation does not included the International flight, and the international flight by yourself via your local agent at cheaper price.

Internet Access available?
 Internet access available in Wolong, free of charge, you can use the internet & computer at the time: noon time, before and after working dalily. Place:  in the Voluntary Registeration Office for all our arranged volunteering tourists.
Internet access is not available in any hostel (hotel) in Bifengxia.
No wireless access internet in Wolong (Bifengxia).

How about the noon time if stay in Wolong hotel?
 You can take internet and computer in the Club House, as well as have panda magazine and other reading materials for you to share your noon time in the 2nd floor of Club House. But if you stay in Panda inn hotel, you can go back about 5 minutes to your room for noon rest!

How about the Daily Transportation if accommodation in Wolong hotel? (Hongzhu hotel in Bifengxia)
 We will try to arrange daily transportation service (one time from Wolong hotel to Panda Garden in the morning about 08:00, another time from Panda Garden to Wolong hotel at about 17:00), and this transportation car offered by local car, cost extra about 10Euros daily.

How about the Spare Time while volunteering?
 We will try to arrange for 3days or more days voluntary tourists as: 1, visit the panda hospital in Panda Garden; 2, have a local dinner in local family or local family visit; 3, you can talk with the Club House staff or expert in pandas.

You must obey China's law and the Panda Security Agreement & Safety Announcements

All above information subject to our confirmation


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