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What kind of internship?
In general, we can arrange all professional fields in pandas for graduated student and school students and some scientists. In the wild to investigation the pandas population and the habitat of pandas, the wild food conditions; In the laboratory assisting the vets, scientists, keepers in medical procedures, animal hospital, nutrition, reproduction, gamete biology, sperm bank, genetics, DNA, disease control, artificial insemination, breeding, endocrinology, activity records, behavior research, nursing and management etc. 

How to make internship tour reservation?
1, You'd better e-mail us your information (marked in your passport: full Name, Sex, Birth of Date, Nationality/citizenship, Passport number with it's copy; Introduction about your education, professional knowledge, your request in internship, accurate date to arrival and duration days, members in your party, Certificate of your Body Health, any graduated diploma and its copy etc), estimated flight of arrival and departure, so that we can apply the permit and make rough arrangement for you;  2, once the tour and flight available, then we will inform you of arrangement, and also inform you to bank wire full payment to the account of our corp..(account be e-mailed to you in our e-mail sooner);  3, after  your payment has reached into our account fully, we will make re-confirmation to you on this reservation, and e-mail you some details about your tour. 4, As to the Healthy Body Certificate, any form from your doctor, it certify that you have not any history of infectious disease, and certify your body healthy now, the aim is to keep pandas away from any virus away. So after your body examination, you'd better keep your body healthy, as healthy as your internship. 5, Your work will be assigned by local reserve according to your professional knowledge and your requests, as well as the need from Reserve. 6, We keep the right to postpone your time to do internship if some important project to be done or too busy to arrange your internship.

Where Can I take panda internship?
Wolong Bifengxia, Fuzhou and Chengdu.

Can you arrange customized internship tour for me?
Yes, just tell us your requests.

Any language problem?
If in laboratory or researching house, usually no problem; but if in the wild, then we must arrange English speaking guide or students for your exchange.

How about meals?
If in local reserve staff restaurant, then cost about 3-10USD/day; if in local hotel, then cost about 8-40USD/day; if in the wild, then cost about 10-20USD/day. Local Chinese style food.

How about the accommodation?
If not marked in tour itinerary, then usually as: tents or local peasants house arranged if in the wild; local reserve house arranged if your request; in general we will arrange the best accommodation if available.

Can I get a Internship certificate?

What is the voluntary cloth rental?
Extra cost 150CNY/p.p. for short term (under 5days), and 300CNY/p.p. for long trem (5 days and more)

All above information subject to our confirmation


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