Tracking Information of GPS Track & Trace Wild Giant Panda Bears in Wolong Pandas Hero Valley

Track photography wild panda (released panda) in Hero Panda Valley Wolong with GPS. Wildlife photography tour in China

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Wolong Panda Valley, originally called Heroes or Hero Valley, locates in Wolong Nature Reserve, is this only place to trace or track wild pandas with GPS and carry out scientific surveys and observation in panda research, Wolong, Sichuan. The Valley is about 3.2 km and about 2050-2800m above sea level. Now this Valley is the best for ecotourism, via , you can hike to trace wild pandas for tracking pandas with GPS radio connection.
But to trace wild panda bear, you must apply the permit or an admission to enter the Wild Enclosure, only 5 persons allowed daily to track trace wild pandas under the assistance and guidance of experts with GPS, usually GPS with you to track about 2 hours.

This panda is released panda for test to release this panda to the wild. You can photography released wild panda in the larger Enclosure. This panda will be return to the wild after training step by step.

GPS tracking wild panda in Hero Valley or Panda Valley is not available since the earthquake took on 12May 2008.

Step by step to the Wild Enclosure.
1, Education Center: You must sign a contract here,  as well as with some necessary devices.
2, Alpine Gorges: David Pavilion, Plank Road, Purifying Pool, Panpan Bridge, Xiangxiang Pavilion, Turning-back Stone, Mother's Tear, Standing Upright, Jingjing Bridge, Water Curtain Cave, Golden Monkey Area ( more than 100 wild golden monkeys here)
3, Protection Station (service simply): 2.8 km from Education Center if direct way (but about 5 km if plank road as "Z" along the cliff), tourist reception and service center, food and beverage, medical service etc.
4, Wild Enclosure (Wild Panda tracing area): Locates at the end of Panda Valley, there is only one panda (code No.21, ever captured captive and released panda, enclosed by wire netting,  fitted with a GPS tracking device and will be monitored via radio telemetry regularly), covers 15 hectares enclosed mountain land.

In Giant Panda Bear Valley, 2 tours arranged for you: one without GPS tracking service, just hiking from Education Center to the end of Panda Valley, to understand the real panda living environment, maximum 100 tourists daily; another called "GPS tracking wild panda" with GPS tracking service, hiking from Education Center to the end of Giant Panda Bear Valley, and then you enter Wild Enclosure to trace wild panda bears (released) under the assistance and guidance of expert, using a satellite tracking system to monitor his position, daily maximum 5 tourists only.

Usually the possibility of this wild panda bear entering your sight is 99%,  but we can't ensure this released wild panda into your sight while your GPS tracking.

The Humid about 60-80%, and 70-90% in summer.

Tipping (extra). To guide, 50USD/day if trekking, 10USD/day if non-trekking; 20USD/day to local assistant if trekking; 10USD/day to driver.

You must:
1, Be silent while GPS tracking, as well as pandas into your sight, take picture without any lighting.
2, Sign contact while entering Panda Valley.
3, Hike and track and trace under the guidance of local guide or expert, in certain route.
4, Do not offer any foods if without expert's permission.
5, Do not smoke or use open flame.
6, Careful while trekking for your body safety.
7, Patients suffering from serious diseases, pregnant women and handicapped or others with negative conditions are not encouaged to engage in field survival activities.
8, Do not in red and fresh colour wear.

You can insect GPS Tracking Wild Pandas tour into any tours in our website, just needs 0.5-1day time at least.

Wildlife Background Information for Heroes  Hero Panda Valley
Main protected plants are Sichuan redwood, salix magnifica hemsl etc.
Moderate Temperature coniferous forest includes: Huashan pine forest and Chinese pine forest.
Animals as: tufted deer, sambar, musk deer, giant panda, small (red) panda, black bear, boar, golden monkey, yellow-throated marten, alpine weasel, Sichuan shrew, long-nosed anteater, long-tailed shrew, eutamias, sibircus, sciurotamias davidianus, alpine chevrieri, large-eared mouse, white belly mouse, delichon dasypus, short-mouthed, himalayan swiftlet, brown-winged babbler, fork-tailed swift, red-mouthed blue magpie, white wagtail, red-tailed myna, white-capped water-redstart, large-mouthed crow, specked wood pigeon, grey-headed canary-flycat culicicapa ceylonensis, green-backed tit parus monticolus etc.

All above information for your reference only, And from Aug 2007 just tracking wild panda under the guidance & direction of local experienced expert, without GPS!
It is okey to arrange the track wild pandas in Wuyipeng, but under strict contral!


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