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As panda fan tourist usually frequent asked questions and inquiry panda information about China panda bears tour with FAQ answers

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What tours can I take to visit Giant Pandas Bear?
In general, all tours in our webpage you can take for lovely giant panda bear, to visit giant panda.

If I'm alone, can I take giant panda bear tour?
Yes, you can take any tours, but cost little more because we estimated the cost at the basis of minimum 2persons.

Can I go with other tourists?
Yes, you can if available.

What time does the panda tours departure?
Almost all tours departure daily or on its date as marked in itinerary.

How to book the normal Pandas tour?

1, Tell us your date and flight with time of both departure and Arrival in China, make sure the tour code and our quotation; 2, e-mail us your profiles (marked in your passport) such as full name, sex, date of birth, nationality  (citizenship) and passport number for reservation; 3, once the tour and flight available, we will inform you to bank wire full payment to the account of our corp..(account be e-mailed to you in our e-mail sooner);  4, after  your payment has reached into our account fully, we will make re-confirmation to you on this reservation, and e-mail you some details about your tour; 5, all tours subject to be change and adjusted if necessary.

What is the Cancellation policy?
Please view tour Cancellation policy.

Any language problem?
All the tours we will arrange local English speaking guide service or Chinese speaking if necessary.

What is the tours cost?
All tours cost just marked in itinerary, but subject to our confirmation. If no cost marked, then just e-mail us for our quotation.
If Children under 2years old, then free of charge without any beds arrangement.
If Children ages between 2-4 years, then cost half of adult without bed.
If Children between 5-10years, then cost 80% of adult without bed.
If Children between 5-10years, then cost the same as the adult with bed.
If Children above 10 years, then cost the same as adult.
But Volunteering tour cost Children as the same as the adult.

What time is the tours cost not higher?
In general, tours in winter is cheaper.  Usually cheaper in Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec.
And if your tours falls on following periods then quotation will be adjusted up: 10-15days for Chinese Spring Festival (usually falls on Jan and Feb), 28Apr-07May for International Labor's Day, 28Sep-07Oct for China's National Day.
And some spcecial tour maybe little higher in winter.

How about meals?
Local Chinese style food arranged usually. It is available if vegetarian, but you'd tell us, or the same meals without meats.

How about accommodation?
In Chengdu any stars hotels available, but only hostels in Bifengxia Panda Base (door to door, or only 5 mintues walking, the best hostel is Xiao Xitian hostel, but very very simple, even without trained staff), 3* hotel as Bifengxia Grand Hotel (at the gate area, about 5 km to Panda Base in Bifengxia), 4* hotel as Hongzhu hotel but about 30KM to the Panda Base in Bifengxia.
In general all accommodaiton with local b'fast included.
And please tell us the accurate request in accommodaiton while you e-mail us.

Can I take picture with panda in arms (donation-picture project)? Interact with pandas, play with panda bears?
Yes, you can. But need our arrangement in advance, cost (as donation) extra: 
Please view this page Panda Interact Programmes. You can wash panda, interact with panda, play with panda, hug panda, feed panda, hold panda for photo.

What is the tipping?
Tipping extra by you in general: To guide, from 300CNY/day if trekking, from 150-200CNY/day if non-trekking; from 150CNY/day to local assistant if trekking; from 100CNY/day to driver.

Can I do donation or adoption pandas or reserve? And raise fund for panda protections?
Yes, please view page Panda Donation and fund raising for panda protections.

What is the Panda Enclosure?

Enclosure, usually enclosed an area with a panda house inner the enclosure, enclosed by bricks, usually 2 adults (one male and one female) in an enclosure, and some with about 2-4 children in an enclosure. In an enclosure are 2 parts: one as house for sleeping, eating, and nurse, usually tourists is not allowed into the house; one are open to air (open area with low wall: 0.1-1.0M to people walking road) for pandas sharing sun shine, play etc, as well as for tourist to see pandas.
Usually with some trees and plants, bush, very small hill, bridge, wooden frame, water pool in it for pandas walk around and play, as well as fresh bamboos be placed inside as food for pandas to eat. In general, pandas will play and walk outside their house; eating cake, milk, cake in their house; most time sleeping in their house, and some time sleeping in the tree, wooden frame.
And along the walking road around the Enclosure, you can enjoy the lovely pandas, as well as you can take pictures of pandas, photograph and camera lovely pandas, usually no cost for tourists.

As to the temperature, what is the better time to see captive pandas?
Day time or month , if temperature under 25℃, then this is the better time to visit captive pandas, because if lower or higher pandas will be in low-activity.

Can I interact or pet pandas? Or photo with panda?

Yes, please view Panda Interact Programmes.

Where are the largest members of captive pandas?
Till the end of 2004, 163 captives raised in China, they distributed: Sichuan Wolong (included Bifengxia, the branch Wolong Center) Panda Center, Sichuan Chengdu Panda Base (with Chengdu Zoo), Beijing Zoo, and Shaanxi Luoguantai Wildlife Recue in Zhouzhi, Fuzhou Panda  World.
Now the most captive panda in Bifengxia area after earthquake 2008.

Which city do I fly to if take Wolong Bifengxia Panda tour?
Chengdu city is the key to Wolong, you can fly to Chengdu from either Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Beijing; as well as from Hongkong, Paris, Bankok, Singapore, London, Frankfuit, Sydney, USA, Japan and Canada total about 30 international routes per week in 2008.

How about the Visa to China?
Visa arranged by yourself, in general it is very easy to apply the visa. If necessary, we can do a invitation letter for you, but before invitation letter to you,  we must make out the schedule and cost, as well as deposit made to us. More information of Tourist Invitation Letter for Chinese Visa.

Tour arranged as private tour or group tour?
In general, all panda tours arranged as private tour.
In private tour, it marked in quotation with "private tour" or "transportation and transfer by private car, private English speaking guide service". Or it will be group tour.

How about the International air tickets?
 In our quotation does not included the International flight air tickets, and the international flight by yourself via your local agent at cheaper price.

Legal Affairs.
Occasionally some panda enclosures or baby enclosure, even kindergarten (nursery) will be closed due to the weather, healthy problem, epidemic diseases, influenza etc, in this case no indemnity (no fine) from our Corp.
If you take our tour (tours), you must agree: All touring affairs will be governed by the laws of China and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts in Chengdu China.

All above information subject to our confirmation


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