Volunteer Security Announcements and Voluntary Security Agreement for Wolong Panda Volunteering Tour

Panda volunteer tourist announcements and voluntary security agreement signed between voluntary tourists and panda center  for panda fans to take panda voluntary work tour

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Volunteer Safety Announcements & Working Regulation (for your reference only)
1,  Volunteers must wear the required attire and gloves, and follow their  teachers' (or assistant or feeder, or the expert, or the staff) instructions while working.
2, Pandas are carnivores and be violent and attack humans. Volunteer do not touch the panda or close the panda in 1 meters if without the permit from the teacher or the assistant or feeder (breeder).
3, All feeders (teacher) have good relationship with the pandas after long time interact with them, and you are strangers to the pandas, so do it only under the permit of assistant.
4, Volunteering cannot have any types of professional filming devices while working. And you can use consumer-level cameras to take pictures of any parts of the working process when it does not interfere with work.
5, Smoking is not allowed.
6, More regulation subject to your signed before volunteering in Wolong.

Volunteer Security Agreement (for your reference only)

1, Before working, you will be trained briefly by the staff: husbandry operational (breeding, feeding etc) rugulation, husbandry skills and safety requirements.
2, A professional breeder or feeder or keeper will work with your together for all times as a guidance and direction to you!
3, 20USD/p.p. for the voluntary cloth rental, and you must return back the voluntary cloth rental after finished your volunteering work.
4, You must learn the husbandry operational regulation, husbandry skiils and safety requirments.
5, You must do your security when both working and not working.
6, All times you must accompanied by the local assistant or breeder or feeder.
7, You do not take photo while working.
8, You must signed an agreement before your volunteering.

All above information maybe adjusted without any prior notice


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