Terms and Conditions of Panda Trip Packages Booking With Native Tour Operator in China

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Terms and conditions of booking China travel packages with Chinese native tour operator in China, to visit panda nature reserve, panda bears center sanctuary, volunteering work, pet feed a panda, play photo with panda, interact nurse a panda. As well as trip  to China Beijing great wal, Xian warriors, Tibet potala palace, Silk road Kashigar Dunhuang, Guizhou kaili, Yangtze river cruise for three gorges dam visiting.

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These Terms and Conditions for Tours Booking are valid for every person who booking our tour. If you make booking with us, then that is, you agree all below terms and conditions.

1, In general tours arranged as local English speaking guide service (private or group) for sightseeing as marked. Meals arranged as local style meals. B'fast usually with accommodation together in general. In general no guide service in plane, train, even long distance bus.
2, We accept no liability for direct or consequential loss of personal belongings. Tourists (tour participant)  are covered by China insurance for the duration of the tour in China arranged by our company. We do not be held responsible for injury, loss or damage due to force majeur.
3, You must buy body / life / travel insurance in your country, this insurance must covers injury, loss or damage of personal belongings / body / life / travel (even travel tour cancellation) in China. 
4, Tour quotation is valid only after your payment has reached into our account. And accurate tour itinerary ( trip schedule / travel arrangement) and tour booking will be valid only after our e-mail "confirmation and arrangement" to you.
5, We keep the right:  to adjust the schedule / itinerary, even cancel some of sightseeing, and further cancel your whole tour, if necessary and any unforeseen circumstances occur, even any reason from China Government. Although we do so even after our "confirmation and arrangement" to you. If so no fine no penalty no indemnity on our side.
6, Occasionally some panda enclosures or baby enclosure, even kindergarten (nursery) will be closed due to the weather, healthy problem, epidemic diseases, influenza etc, in this case no indemnity (no fine, no penalty) on our Corp.
7, You must sure that your body are health ready to take our tour.
8, All your (tour participant members) information (full name, gender, birth of date, citizenship, passport number, copy of passport, job title / occupation) must be valid and real.
9, If touring in China, any complaints must be reported immediately to local guide and our local representative, and also to e-mail us the questions / problem, we will do our best to resolve any problem on time. If you remain dissatisfied, please phone us and e-mail us immediately any questions and tell us what happened, and we will resolve it as soon as possible.
Regrettably, liability for any complaints not notified in accordance with this procedure cannot be accepted.
10,  If you can't catch the booked flight or the booked flight delayed, then all not on our side, but on you and the airliner. If so, no indemnity (no fine, no penalty) on our Corp

We reserve the right to take photographic images of participants to use for commercial promotion of our tours. If you prefer your image not be used, then please tell us while booking tour.
12, All tour quotation does not included: tip to guide and driver (please view general questions of panda tour booking), service charge and government tax if exists.
13, If you take our tour (tours), you must agree: All touring affairs will be governed by the laws of China and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts in Chengdu China.

Any adjusted without prior notice.

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