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Who is sc927 Panda? What did sc927 Panda doing for this website? How is sc927 Panda working for chinagiantpanda? What sc927 Panda doing for China panda bears through internet?

SC927 Panda is the full name, but usually shortened as sc927 while doing message, post, forum, blogs, board etc.

This site is maintained by SC927 Panda from 2003, as well as internet advertising and marketing by CEO sc927 too. Sc927 Panda has made a lot of campaigns for china panda bears promotion either for tourist or for panda coservation through internet. He did lots campaigns for this website marketing and promotion.

SC927 Panda is an iternet advertising and marketing exert in Chengdu, started site promotion through internet since 2000, is an experienced Website CEO, served serveral websites in China. Professional website campaigns either in China or aborad, either in Chinese characters to advertise site in China world, or in English to English world. The prominent sites maintained by ceo sc927 panda are:  and etc. , focus on the Chinese characters keywords, for non-Chinese language website to advertise and market through internet campaigns in Chinese text internet world. As well in both Chinese and Enligh keywords by sc927 panda., focus on worldwide countries' national image keywords, that is a great idea!! Make national images or country symbols keywords or phrases to serve business company, to advertise site! In general, keywords and phrases which stands for the national image or country symbols are very most popular, and high rate click and searched by internet viewers. That is: link national image keywords or country symbolic phrases to your website!!, focus on global countries' flags, make displaying at homepage one flag by one flag, and link sponsored display to your business official website!
All above three great ideas created by ceo SC927 Panda!

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