Official Tour Group (Individual) Notice Invitation Letter for Chinese Visa to China Tour Packages

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Chinese invitation letter for tourist to local embassy consulate for a Chinese visa application. We will do Chinese visa (tourist group visa notice) support service for your China panda trip!

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Chinese visa application support service: Tourist Invitation Letter (official name is: Tourist Group Visa Notice) for your application Chinese Visa at local embassy or consulate.

In general it is easy for foreigners to get visa to China from local Chinese Embassis (Consulates). But from May 2008 due to Beijing Olympic Game, it needs more procedures to apply for Chinese visa. 

If you need Official Tour Group Invitation Letter from Sichuan Tourism Authority (Bureau) via our Corp., then please do it step by step: 1, Make sure  the tour itinerary or trip schedule  with quotation after discussion between you and us; 2, E-mail us all tour group members' (participants' namelist) informaiton such as (marked in your passport) such as full name, sex (gender), date of birth, nationality  (citizenship), passport number and profession (job, occupation). Also we need contacting person name(contacting person, who contact with us) and phone number; 3, Upon our agreement, make payment of full tour cost or deposit to our account, and e-mail us the copy of bank payment paper which shows that you have already paid; 4, Then we will hand above informaiton (itinerary or tour schedule, members informaiton, contacting person name and phone number, bank payment paper) to Sichuan Tourism Authority (Bureau) for Official Tour Group Invitation Letter; 5, In general we will get the Invitation Letter in 3-7days, and then we will e-mail or fax the copy (scan or photo) of thie Invitation Letter (in fact 3 items will be sent: Itineray, Namelist, Invitation Letter) to local Chinese embassy or consulate in your country (so please tell us the e-mail address or fax number of local Chinese embassy or consulate); 6, In general Invitation Letter is okey to apply Chinese visa, but some time in some Chinese Embassis (Consulates), it also needs all hotel accommodation arrangement with its address, even hotel booking confirmaiton, If so please tell us; 7, In general group visa (not individual visa) will be sealed via this Invitation Letter; 8, This invitation letter (official name is: Tourist Group Visa Notice) for tour group only, although in this group are only 2 persons; 9, Visa issued by local Chienese embassy or consulate according to both your personal information and other informaiton, so anyway we can't gurantee that you are sure get the visa successfully.

A, How many cities to cover:  we do the Invitation Letter covers any cities in China, as many as you plan to visit.
B, If payment (full or deposit) made already, and the trip enter (entry) date postponed due to the visa, then we will do arrange the schedule to meet you valid entry date, if it caused the quotation (cost) different, then we balance the settlement upon our agreement after our disscussion.
C, Deposit: in general full payment in advance. And anyway it is available that deposit 30% of total tour cost, but not less 300USD per person.
D, Permit to Tibet arranged by our Corp. in Chengdu for you if your trip to Tibet.
E, Maybe cost extra for this Tourist Invitation Letter.
F, If you travel to China for business or commercial affairs, and with accommodation and flights / schedule fixed and paid in advance, then please e-mail us. But must with domestic flights and accommodation arrangement by us.

All above information for your reference, and maby adjusted.

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